CHALLENGE HOMECARE Fashion without barriers.
People are getting older, hospitals are overloaded, nursing homes are full. How can we provide a good life for our older generations in the future? There‘s no place like home. That‘s why we should make it 
possible for people to stay at home as long as possible. Therefore we need adapted homes and good tools for caregivers.

Through multiple interviews with staff in the nursing and health care sector, it became apparent that there is often profoundly little time available for typical everyday needs and errands.
My aim was to proof, using the example of trousers, the possibility of an adaptive, functional and fashionable garment. Through analysis and tests, I decided to build the design in a layer principle using functional fabrics (comparable to sportswear). The first garment layer of the lower extremities is underwear. Therefore, underpants became the basis of my design, which is ideally designed for wearing during the day, but can also be worn at night, due to a wide range of accessibility and adaptation possibilities. Through snaps on the base, you can easily and quickly attach a variety of overgarments equivalent to elegant suit pants or skirts, but also simple sweat pants that work as “leg bags”, for a quick walk.
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