The emphasis of this interior concept lies in its modularity. 
For this project the objective was designing modules which allow for an easy transition between the day to day use during the week and comfortable weekend camping adventures for a VW T6 nine seater.

The maximum time for the transition for two people should not exceed ten minutes and thus the whole system should not weigh more than 100 kg. The system is based on a camping box which is attached to a permanent flfloor base with four tool-less screws. During the day the bed rests on top of this box and can easily be folded down and pulled out for a good night‘s rest.

3D Scan of Bus Interior
for VR development

The kitchenette is extendable, allowing one to cook outside in a slightly sheltered manner beneath the trunk door and therefore steam is prevented from building up inside. It consists of two cooking zones, a sink and an energy module which supplies gas, electricity and water. The gas is stored in a cartridge, the water in a canister and the activated charcoal fifilter allows safe refifilling from streams. Electricity is supplied by the car’s battery or solar panels and thus one is completely self suffificient for an extended period of time.Staying inside if the weather is not as fifine as forecasted is by no means uncomfortable. The passenger seat is rotatable and a table can be set up between the fifirst and second row of seats. In order to make winter outings more bearable a good heater is built into the flfloor, running on fuel and electricity providing a consistent temperature of around 25° Celsius.
together with:  
Kunstuniversität Linz, Nofrontiere Design GmbH
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